King Clutter

Breeze as a King King,
Catch another,
Just another King King
Cold clutter,
Just as a King King,
No other Lover,
Clever King
King of cold clutter.


By the Lover


My light, my dark, my love

Dancing alone, looking here

Lovers past yes, but mates none

Moving up, down, closer, near


Eyes bright, deep, dark

Body animal, scarred, soft, here

Sex feral, bloody, hard

Sex slow, deep, closer, near
Life long, life short

Life with, without
Life dancing alone, looking near

Or life bloody, loving, closer, here

  • By M


best-parks-in-london-richmond-park-4079046324_e86f80da16_oLighthearted discussions are a new found curiosity in the eyes of the misused,

Wrong wardrobe and light through panels,

Places and things,

Is it the person,

Enjoying hours over minutes,

Crucial words for fear of the wrong thing wrong time, attitude,

For taking the right line overtime in magnitude,

Fear the developing friendship and laugh at the girl, we love her.

Trace fear and skip / blue colours

Body Language


On empty days there are words,

And on full: none,

We talk apart and revel in silence together,

Beautiful body language and recognition,

I know you,

Recognise scents, tones and looks,

Understand, observe, stroke,

Comfort at a professional degree,

Companionship at PHD,

Identical in scars and marks, the same,

Same walls, same trips and sticks and

Lips, so silly.